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    Irgendwelche guten Video Camcorder für Sport?

    Police Blotter: Two men rob eatery in Roswell Saturday
    Christopher Quinn
    The following incidents were reported to North Fulton law enforcement agencies.
    Two masked men with guns walked through a rear door of a restaurant on Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell and robbed it early Saturday.
    The manager was in his office about 1:40 a.m. when one of the men pointed a pistol at him and demanded money. The armed man then went to an open safe and put an undisclosed amount of money in a black backpack.
    For more information:
    The other armed man ordered the rest of the workers into the kitchen area and made them lie on the floor during the robbery. Both men left, ordering everyone to stay on the floor.

    Marietta Highway: A driver called police Sunday morning after a man in another car chased him and waved a knife at him.
    The driver said he was traveling south on Ga. 9 in a Mercedes. He told police he believed the driver behind him became upset because of the diesel fumes coming from his car.
    The driver said he turned west on Ga. 120 and the driver followed him, waving his arms and holding a knife. The driver turned several times trying to lose the angry man, but the man continued following him and gesturing with the knife. The driver was able to see the tag of the car that had been following him, stopped and called police, at which point the angry man drove away.
    Tahoe Run: A man told police that a man that he is scheduled to testify against in an assault case broke his car window in an attempt to intimidate him Sunday.
    The man said he saw the man throw a stereo speaker through his car window near midnight. He said that he is supposed to testify against the man in a shooting case. Police looked for the man who threw the speaker but did not find him.
    An Alpharetta woman is looking for her car, which she believes was stolen by her daughter-in-law.
    The woman told police she thinks her daughter-in-law took it to Arizona. She told police that her son and his wife were driving the car back from a movie rental business Sept. 4, when the couple began arguing. The son, who was driving, pulled over and got out of the car. The daughter-in-law slid into the driver's seat and left her son standing on the side of the road.
    When the son got home, he noticed that his wife had packed some of her belongings and she was gone with the car.
    North Main Street: Police found more than $100,000 in a car that wrecked Sept. 6.
    The driver lost control of the car and hit a tree. She complained of breathing problems and was taken to a hospital.
    A police officer was making an inventory of the contents of the car before a tow truck took it away. In the trunk was a diaper bag, and in the diaper bag was a leather pouch. The leather pouch contained $102,020. The driver told police that she could produce a receipt to show that the money was hers.
    Summit Springs Drive: A burglar took a small safe containing money and jewelry from an apartment Saturday.
    A woman told police that she discovered the apartment lock had been pried open. The apartment was ransacked, and the safe, some clothing and a pair of her son's shoes were missing. The safe had about $2,000 in cash and her personal checks and $2,800 worth of jewelry.
    Concourse Parkway: A woman told police that her hotel room was burglarized on Saturday.
    She discovered the burglary after leaving the room and returning. When she arrived, she noticed her room door was ajar. She looked in and saw that her personal items had been scattered about the room. She said $675 and a Seiko watch were stolen.
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    Vernon Winds Drive: A police officer arrested two teenagers after a short car chase Saturday.
    The officer was called to a new subdivision after someone reported unruly teenagers about 10:30 p.m. The officer arrived and pulled his car across a road that two cars were parked on. He got out and told the teenagers to stay in their cars.
    One of the cars pulled off quickly, nearly hitting the officer, who got back into his car and chased it down Mount Vernon Highway.
    The officer caught the car. One of the two teenagers inside it tried to give the officer a false driver's license.
    The officer charged the driver with being a minor in possession of an alcoholic beverage, having an open container of an alcoholic beverage in a car, criminal trespass, reckless driving, failure to stop for a stop sign, not giving a turn signal and attempting to elude a police officer.
    The officer charged the second teenager with forgery, possessing a fictitious driver's license, being a minor in possession of an alcoholic beverage and having an open container of an alcoholic beverage in a car.
    Hammond Drive: A cellular phone company reported to police that one of its former salesmen absconded with 14 phones worth $2,800.

    The manager of the business told police on Sept. 9 that the salesman did not show up for work and had not returned phones given him to sell. When contacted, the salesman denied that he had the phones.
    See Also:
    The manager said that they did not want the phones listed as stolen because if the phones have been sold, the company wants to keep them activated by the people who bought them.
    Police found six of the phones had been sold to three people. One customer said she paid cash for two phones and could provide receipts. One man refused to tell police where he got two phones. One man who also had two phones could not be found.
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