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    4 Vacuum Cleaner Attachments You Should Know How to Use

    The Best Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair Thekinglive that work well bring joy to any homemaker’s life. Therefore, the extras for your vacuum cleaner should be useful — not complicated.

    However, with hurried life, it is understandable that we tend to use only the same ones day by day, or simply leave them out. To make the most of your daily cleaning chores, read this article now.Four most familiar vacuum cleaner attachments

    1. Crevice tool

    With its original thin design and small tip, this tool suits any tight spaces: edges, around heaters or pipes, between sofa buffers, and more. You are also able to control it for tidying fridge coils or de-linting the inside parts of your dryer.

    2. Dusting brush

    Covered with long, delicate bristles, it supports cleaning windowsills, cases, picture frames, lamp shades, and curtains. If you attach to your vacuum cleaner a number of different parts, you can also have some interesting features for other purposes.
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    3. Upholstery tool

    This accessory is broad and often has a lint-catching fabric strip ideal for removing dirt from mattresses, rugs, carpets, and sofas. This big brush, which simulates the classic cylinder cleaner brush, is mostly the same size. It might even have an installation for solid floors.
    You can work with it on narrow spaces, where rolling your vacuum is difficult.

    4. Extension wand

    You can reach higher and further with an extension wand and grab stubborn dust hanging from high ceilings and angles or hidden deep behind kitchen equipment.
    You can also check out this neat tip: If you have dropped something light or small in a place that you cannot reach, cover the wand end with a piece of pantyhose, tighten it with a rubber band, and work with it as a tool to collect your lost object.

    Extra: How to replace a brush?

    Replacing the brush roll on your vacuum is a familiar kind of repair. The attachments are mechanized by a string. With this, one of the attachments is able to brush the carpet, breaking up tiny pieces of waste and dirt. Finally, it can also pick up dust with the suction of your machine.
    Changing the brush roll or belt is really a piece of cake. First, you remove the screws and take out the base of the vacuum. Separate the brush roll, and remove the end caps too.
    Leave the strap around the brush and straighten the belt into place so that you lock the end caps of the brush into the right place. Replace the base of your vacuum and return every screw.


    You may not enjoy housework if you aren’t really pleased with your vacuum cleaner. However, our team at is here with the provided information above to let you know how to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner.

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    Regardless of whether you have a hand vacuum, upright vacuum, or a carpet cleaner, you will find out how to make it work for you, not against you!
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